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Gamified exit-intent popups

Leadster Gamification Popups is our app that delivers high-conversion, gamified exit-intent popups.

Conversion rates are insane! Averaging at 18%, but we have seen them as high as 38%.

Our app turned 38% of customers who were leaving into buyers, generating 33% of store income!

How does it do it?

  • It plays to our primal gambling instincts.
  • It uses an appealing, irresistible physical engine.
  • It's highly customizable, so your popup can perfectly match your Shop's design.
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About us

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Jan Savli

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5+ years of professional experience in developing eCommerce apps. Specialized in Shopify apps.
10+ years of professional experience in web development and UX.

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Saso Skube Linkedin icon

10+ years of professional experience in hardcore backend development, hardware integration, full-stack web app, medical devices and particle accelerator software and firmware, ...

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