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High-conversion   gamified exit-intent popups   that boost sales
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Ridiculously high conversion rates

Leadster is a gamified exit-intent popups app that gives insanely high conversion rates!

The app started as a pet project for a friend's 5-figure Shopify store and it beat all expectations... The average conversion rate was 38%, and Leadster directly generated 33% of store income. Exactly...

18% conversion in average!

18% of leaving customers left their email! 💌

16% of store total income was generated by Leadster! 🛍

Leadster is the first pop-up app using real physics engine to make games more realistic.

It's highly customizable, so your popup can perfectly match your store's design.

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Leadster works as a gamified pop-up for your Shopify store. These are main Leadster features, but you can check out more if you install Leadster to your shop. It is free!

  • Export collected email addresses, or other collected information, to your prefered mailing app. You can also keep it in Leadster!
  • Choose between a variaty of themes, or use the intuitive Designer to tailor popups to match your shop and boost conversion even further! Your creations can be previewed on your store before they go live!
  • Monitor your campaigns and track their efficiency in real-time with built-in analytics
  • Carefull design will not slow down your store!
  • Configure multiple campaigns and make your store fun to visit
  • In-app and email support from experts
  • Customize on which pages you want to show the pop-up
  • Configure when and how the pop-up is triggered
  • Sane defaults to get you running in a flash with a simple getting-started guide inside the application


Leadster is a promotor of fair pricing! You pay based on how many times a popup is showed, not by page views. *See details below.

All prices include customer support, all features and future upgrades.


$ 0 / mo

  • 300 popup views
    (cca 1,500 page views)

$ 9.90 / mo

  • 10,000 popup views
    (cca 5,0000 page views)

$ 14.90 / mo

  • 25,000 popup views
    (cca 125,000 page views)

$ 29 / mo

  • 50,000 popup views
    (cca 250,000 page views)
  • Priority support

$ 59 / mo

  • 100,000 popup views
    (cca 500,000 page views)
  • Priority support

$ 299 / mo

  • 500,000 popup views
    (cca 2,500,000 page views)
  • Priority support


  • Popup view is sometimes called an impression! Impression counts only when Leadster popup is actually showed, not each time your shop page is displayed!
  • All prices include support via email and in-app chat.
  • For custom plans and questions, contact us by email.
  • Popup views are reset monthly, and are increased immediately when selecting a bigger pricing plan


What is Leadster?

Leadster is a high-conversion gamified exit popup builder, which helps you boost sales and grow your customer mailing list.

What is an exit popup or exit-intent popup?

This is a popup that only appears when a visitor is going to leave your website. Leadster uses games to catch the attention of your store visitors, making them leave you their email or telephone number and increasing the probability of them spending money in your store.

Why does Leadster boost sales?

Leadster uses modern psychological principles of gamification to make your offers magnetically attractive to your visitors simply by offering them to WIN on a game of chance (this skyrockets the value of the reward in your visitors' eyes). This is directly opposite to your standard email popup which causes "banner blindness", meaning that your Shopify store visitors straight up ignore them. Leadster is pre-configured to only show a popup when your customer is about to leave your store! Additionally, you get extra emails which you can use for normal marketing.

Can I use Leadster for normal popups?

Yes! You can configure when to show the popup, and also tweak the banners you want to show to your user. In addition, there are multiple templates to choose from! With a fully featured popup designer, you can also create your own.

Do you have a privacy policy?

You can read the full privacy policy. In short, we only gather data needed for the application to function correctly, and provide endpoints to remove all related data if this is requested.

What can I do with the email addresses Leadster helps me collect?

Leadster is integrated with a number of popular email marketing services, so you can easily transfer the emails to the mailing service. You can also export the emails to use them where-ever you wish.

I have a problem problem installing or setting up Leadster. Do you provide user support?

Yes, we do! Growthsteam is always here to help you resolve any questions or problems you might have with installing or using Leadster. You can email us or contact us via the in-app chat.

What do I need to do before I can use Leadster the first time?

Leadster is very easy to use. The minimum you need to do is setup what coupons you want to offer your customers, enable the campaign and save. That's it. Of course, if you want, you can also customise the popup and decide when the popup appears, but this is not necessary.

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